Tata Technologies off campus drive 2023 | Vehicle Testing | Apply now

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Tata Technologies off campus drive for freshers from Electrical & Electronics Engineering , read details and apply now for vehicle Testing

Tata Technologies off campus drive Job Description

  • To support with Prima fascia observation of reported E&E issue on vehicle
  • To have discussion with vehicle driver about details of event when issue reported
  • To Investigate issue reported with multimeter/oscilloscope/E&E testing tools
  • To diagnose of vehicle issue with help of Diagnostic System tool.
  • To support with Root-cause identification
  • To discuss with proto planning for part availability for part replacement
  • To support issue resolution through Repair / Replacement of damaged electrical parts.
  • To report unresolved issues to CoC team
  • To resolve walk-home failures on vehicle outside/inside TML
  • To support in preparation of Analysis reports after issue resolution
  • To measure leakage current for vehicle battery draining issues outside/inside TML
  • To update vehicles with latest tooled up parts for validation
  • To report engine/vehicle malfunctions to concerned COC.
  • To learn of operating procedures of E&E components
  • To maintain check list / periodic updation & record of  signed off vehicle check list
  • To maintain of E&E part tracker / feature list w.r.t program
  • To check vehicle with TDS tool for resolution of EOL issues.
  • To maintain / be aware of project data.
  • To support for Jump starting of vehicle for battery draining issue
  • To check fitment of switches / functional switches / E&E devices for completion of validation activity
  • To maintain fuelling / battery / other records of E&E ownership vehicle
  • To support for synchronisation of Wiring harness & other E& E parts in LAB car w.r.t. current build of vehicle
  • To report new part reception to COC /module leads 
  • To confirm availability of part fitment manuals/information fitment drawings/CKT drawings required for part fitment /issue investigation.
  • To maintain of special tool/devices for E&E activity
  • To maintain records of vehicle issue with project wise tracker
  • To sharing of new learning /findings with COC
  • To preserving E&E critical parts required for emergency vehicle supports.
  • To maintain of trouble shooting kit required for attending field vehicles
  • To share information to SPOC for supporting some newly reported issues based on experience gained on vehicle attended.
  • To maintain of emergency contact number which can support in case of emergency


  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering(only Diploma candidates)
  • Minimum 1 year experience in Automotive Electricals & Electronics

Apply now for Tata Technologies off campus drive

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