Tata Strive AWS reStart Program

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Tata Strive AWS reStart Program : Tata Strive launched 12 Week Free Training With Certificate that prepares fresher individuals for entry-level careers in the cloud

AWS re/Start is a 12 weeks, a full-time skills development program that prepares unemployed or underemployed individuals for entry-level careers in the cloud. AWS re/Start is collaborating with Tata STRIVE aimed at actively bridging the gap between vocational education and industry needs.

AWS re/Start graduates pursue entry-level cloud roles in operations, site reliability, and infrastructure support. In these positions, graduates use Python scripts, support Linux operating systems, operate network infrastructures, deploy basic AWS core services, and carry out initial troubleshooting.

Who can Apply for Tata Strive AWS reStart Program

Eligibility criteria: Applicant must be a STEM Graduate / BCA / MCA / BSc IT / B Tech / M Tech / BE.

The candidates who perform within the desired assessment range should still be assessed for the ability to successfully complete the program, motivation for a cloud career, and general employability. The learners should be able to learn and apply technical concepts through the guided instruction of the AWS re/Start program.

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