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Josh Talks internship : The Brand & Communications team at Josh Talks hiring interns. Internship duration will be 3 months

About the internship:

The Brand & Communications team at Josh Talks is often juggling between exciting and diverse projects to establish a strong brand presence amongst external stakeholders including our investors and partners. As a member of this team, you will get an opportunity to work and interact with different teams and with Josh’s audience, creating an impact that is visible. You will play an important role in creating communication collaterals and supporting us in the positioning of our Core Team by researching thought leadership opportunities. Your insightful contribution will help develop and increase our brand awareness.

Key responsibilities:

  • Research and review relevant thought leadership opportunities for our Core Team (awards, speaking events etc.)
  • Identify brands and individuals whose voice aligns with Josh and writing to them to explore partnerships or collaborations
  • Brainstorm and execute innovative campaigns and projects with the team to increase brand awareness
  • Support the team in organising shoots (brand videos) and marketing of meetups/events
  • Undertake extensive writing (for social media) and proofreading of communication materials

Apply for internships


  • Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills, be able to challenge assumptions of others as well as your own
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Ability to write for diverse mediums (social media posts, cold emails, proposals etc.)
  • A solid team player who is also an independent thinker
  • Meticulously organised and flexible in a dynamic working environment
  • Values quality over quantity

Application process: 

Through the Internship programme at Josh Talks, we place the best students in positions to ensure that they grow both professionally and personally, working closely with their performance managers, mentors and team. You’ll jump into fast-paced, mission critical projects from day one, working directly with the co-founders and team heads. Instead of going on coffee runs and making copies, you will get hands-on experience with projects and get to make decisions that will influence not only your team but also our overall mission.

To apply, fill the form here: you’re super excited about the position, you can also write directly to me at [email protected]

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