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IBM off campus 2023 batch is open for fresher BE/ BTech/ ME/ MTech/ MSc/ MCA. Read complete details for IBM off campus 2023 batch

“Careers are made from experiences. At BM, those experiences ca11 be divers e, unlimited and far-reaching. Joining BM is”
“about joining a cult ure of opennes s, collaboration, trust and the invitation and expectation to have a voice. Our work is truly”
“life changing-from helping to cure diseases, predict weat her,to cleaning oceans and beyond.”
Eligibility: Selection Process:
• Graduation Year: 2023
• Degree: BE/ BTech/ ME/ MTech/ MSc/ MCA-60%/ 6.0 CGPA
• Calculation of qualifying marks =SLrm of marks obtained divided by Sum total of maximum marks obtainable. A ll subjec ts willbe considered including elective/ optional subjects
• Branch: CS/ T / Robot ics / SE / EE / ECE / EIE / AEIE I EEE/
“IBM conducts assessments that are engaging, interactive,”
and time-effic ient for our candidates. We respect your time in showi 11g your capabilities hence we want to give you a comfortable environment to truly demonstrate who you are and what you can bring to the job and toIBM. A llrounds are elimination rounds.

  1. CodingTest (IBM CodeKnaclt-NQT)
    ETE/ Maths / Computing Coding assessment – Hac ker Rank helps us identify quality
    developers with right skills. This technical hiring platf orm
    • No Active Bac klog
    • Designatio n: Associate System Engineer
    • Compensation (B.E/B.Tech/ M.E/ M.Tech / MSc/ MCA): NR
    4.50 Lakh per annum + one time settlingallowanc e of NR 25000
    allows us to thoroughly assess the potential developers in
    their problem-solvingskills throughrelevant code challenges.
  2. English Language Assessment
    This is an online assessment whic h measures Englisl1 Language proficiency. In around 10 minutes candidates answer a series of MCQ’s which evaluates their engagement
    towards English.
    Selection Criteria(al rounds are elimination rounds) 3. Interview(s)
  3. Coding Test ( BM CodeK nac NQT)
  4. English Language Test
    The candidate would be assessed on skills like technical
    “representation, commun ication,growth mindset, innovat ion and adaptability.”
    == – –
  5. Interview(s) —

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