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IBM free STEM courses : IBM is offering free STEM courses, Job skills, and credentials.Read complete details and eligibility here. Register now for IBM free STEM courses

IBM, an American multinational technology company, offers free STEM courses, job skills, and credentials. Regarding the courses, the company said: “Get digital credentials from IBM and other companies for free.

These free credentials will help you advance your career, show you are ahead of the curve and have the essential knowledge and skills on topics that will drive the future.” , students – Commenting on the courses, the company said, “Build with us Start your dream career in technology with these free learning resources. Explore courses and earn digital credentials to show the world what you know.”

The company operates in three categories: high school students, college students and adult students. To learn more, click here. Educators Commenting on the courses, the company said, “Create new learning opportunities for your students with cutting-edge educational resources from global technology leaders.”

To learn more, click here. Organizations – Commenting on the courses, the company said, “Top-notch technology learning and professional skills for schools, universities and communities.Enhance your curriculum with cutting-edge learning resources from global technology leaders.

Help your students develop essential technical and professional skills and become part of the future of work.” “Technology training can transform someone’s life,” said Justina Nixon-Saintil, IBM’s chief impact officer. “There are many misconceptions about what it takes to pursue a rewarding and lucrative career in today’s fast-paced work environment. Because of this, we need to raise awareness of the breadth of the role of science and technology across all industries.

Together with our IBM SkillsBuild partners, we are highlighting the many opportunities there are for underrepresented communities to seek the future in technology,” added Justina Nixon-Saintil. To address these misconceptions and bring STEM education to communities that have historically been underrepresented in this space, IBM is announcing 45 new education partners around the world.

These IBM SkillsBuild collaborations with social services, business development and vocational training organizations, as well as government agencies and universities, will make free online learning widely available, with clear pathways to employment.

Many of these organizations focus on specific communities that are underrepresented in technology and will help empower women, including mothers returning to the labor market, ethnic minorities, those on low incomes and refugees.

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