Exam instructions for DBATU students | Check important instructions now

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DBATU released some important Exam instructions for DBATU students for their semester examinations 2023 , check important instructions now

The Answer Book container 32 pages, each page is provided with lines and the candidates should write on every line. 2. The candidate has to write the entire answers in the booklet only. No additional answer sheet (supplement) will be issued. 3. Candidates are prohibited from:

Writing their Hall ticket number / Name in any part of their answer books except in the space specially provided for the purpose #) Addressing the examiner in any manner whatsoever in answer book. If they do so, their answer book will not be valued

  1. If you find any discrepancies in your (Hall ticket number, Name of the Examination, Date of Examination, Examination Centre Code &Name, Subject, Medium, Question Paper Code Semester/Year) please infirm the invigilator immediately.

You are prohibited from writing on or tampering with the Barcodes on the answer booklet top page as it many affect proper valuation and award of marks. Further necessary action will be taken leading to the cancellation of your examination. Answer books with tampered barcodes will not be valued.

Answer should be written on both sides of the paper, before beginning to answer any question, they should write the correct number

of the question in the margin provided.

Answer must be legibly when in black ball point pen only.

it is not necessary to begin e answer on a fresh page. No additional books/sheets would be provided, unless the main answer booklet is completely used. The responsibility of handing over the Answer books to the invigilator lies with the candidate.

Except simple Scientific Calculator, no other electronic gadget including mobile phone, smart watch is allowed into the Examination

hall. 11. No loose sheet of paper will be allowed into the examination room, and no paper must be detached from or attached to the Answer

books except for graph paper. 12. Candidates are prohibited from:

i) Bringing into the Examination hall, any books note books or paper.

i) Talking to each other or copying from others or allowing others to copy from them.

Taking or giving any other kind of assistance or talking to or communicating with a person outside the Examination hall. If any candidate is found violating these rules and/or committing any other malpractice and / or behaving in an undisciplined manner or causing nuisance or disturbance to other candidates, he or she.

a) Will be expelled from the Examination hall.

b) Will not be allowed to write remaining papers. c) Will be liable for rustication.

  1. University observers and flying squad’s members are empowered to check any candidate in the examination hall or outside the active Examination hall during the examination, for detecting any malpractice.


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