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DBATU third semester timetable is released for DBATU Winter semester BTech exam 2022. Exams starting from 9 Mar 2023. Download Regular Winter Examination timetable

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (DBATU), located in Lonere, Maharashtra, has recently announced the timetable for its Regular Winter Examination 2022. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields of engineering and technology.

This article aims to provide students with all the necessary information about the DBATU Regular Winter Examination 2022 timetable.

9-Mar-232.00 PM To 5.00 PMBTBS301/BTBSC301/BTES301 Engineering Mathematics – III
BTFTC301Principles of Food Science and Engineering
BTMIC301 Introduction to Mining Engineering
BTBS301Mathematics – III
BHMCT301 Bakery and Confectionery
BTSFC301Safety Management
11-Mar-232.00 PM To 5.00 PMBTCVES302/BTCECS302/BTCIES302 Mechanics of Solids
BTCOC302 Discrete Mathematics
BTHM3402Interpersonal Communication Skills and Self-Development For Engineers
BTEEC302Electrical Machines-I
BTETC302/BTEXC302/BTECPC302Electronic Devices & Circuits
BTBM302Basics of Human Anatomy and Physiology
BTINC302 Sensor and Transducer
BTFT302Fluid Flow
BTFTC302Food Microbiology
BTCHC302Fluid Flow Operations
BTPCC302Unit Operations – I
BTEIC302Network Theory
BTEXC302Analog Circuits
BTMC302Fluid Mechanics
BTMEC302Material Science and Metallurgy
BTMIC302 Mining Geology
BTAIC302/BTAIC302An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
BTMXC302Thermal & Fluids Engg.
BHMCT- 302Food & Beverage Service III
BTSFC302Fire Engineering Science
13-03-20232.00 PM To 5.00 PMBTCVC303Building Construction & Drawing
BTCOC303Data Structures
BTITC303Computer Architecture and Organization
BTEEC303Electrical and Electronics Measurement
BTETC303Digital Electronics
BTBM303 Biomedical Transducers
BTINC303Network Analysis and Synthesis
BTBS303Engineering Mathematics III
BTCHC303 Process Calculations
BTFT303Process Plant Material & Energy Balance
BTEIC303Sensor and Transducer
BTEXC303Electronic Devices and Circuits
BTAC303Thermodynamics& Heat Transfer
BTMEC303Fluid Mechanics
BTMC303 Thermodynamics
BTAIC303  Data Structure and Algorithm using Python
BTMXC303Basic Concepts of Mechatronics
BTCEC303Water Supply Engineering
BTARC303 Basics of Robotics
BTECPC303Programming, Data Structure and Algorithm using C
BHMCT- 303BHMCT- 303 Accommodation Operations – I
BTCIC303 Urban Transportation Planning
BTES303Mechanical Engineering Drawing
15-03-20232.00 PM To 5.00 PM   BTCVC304Hydraulics-I
BTCOC304Computer Architecture & Organization
BTITC304Object Oriented Paradigm with C++
BTES304Electrical Machines and Instruments
BTEXC304Network Theory
BTBM304 Analog and Digital Circuits
BTINES304Analog Electronics
BTFTES304 Fluid Mechanics
BTCHC304Mechanical Operations
BTPCC304Petrochemical Engineering –I
BTFT304Element of Bio & Food Science
 2.00 PM To 5.00 PMBTEIES304Engineering Material Science
BTEXC304Network Analysis
15-03-2023BTMES304Materials Science and Metallurgy
BTMEC304Machine Drawing and CAD
BTCAI304 Concepts in Artificial Intelligence
BTESC304  Computer Architecture & Operating Systems(ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & DATA SCIENCE)
BTESC304  Computer Architecture & Operating Systems(Electronics and Computer Engineering)
BTMXC304 Electrical Machines and Drives
BTCEC304/BTCIC304Hydraulics Engg.
BHMCT- 304 Basic Accounting
17-03-20232.00 PM To 5.00 PMBTCVC305/BTCEC305/BTCIC305Surveying
BTCOC305B/BTCAI305BObject Oriented Programming in Java
BTCOC305A/BTCAI305AObject – oriented Programming in C++
BTITC305Data Structures and Applications
BTES305Engineering Material Science
BTBM305ACommunication Circuits and Systems
BTBM305BBiomedical Laser Instrumentation
BTBM305C Nuclear Medicine
BTFTBS305Food Biochemistry and Nutrition
BTCHE305EMaterials for Engineering applications
BTCHE305DRenewable Energy Sources
BTCHE305C Energy Technology and Conversion
BTCHE305A Green Technology
BTEXC305S Digital Circuits and Microprocessors
BTPRC305 Theory of Machine
BTMIES305Strength of Materials
BTESC305/BTESC305 Digital Logic & Signal Processing
BTMXC305Microprocessor and Microcontroller
BTESC305Digital Electronics and Microprocessor
BHMCT- 305 Tourism Operation
20-03-20232.00 PM To 5.00 PMBHMCT306Basic French

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