DBATU remedial exam 2023 | Check forms, expected date

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DBATU remedial exam 2023 important update has been released regarding it’s forms filling and expected date for previous semester backlogs

As per recent information received , DBATU Remedial Examination 2023 is going to take place for this year. Also Till September end or October starting weeks , remedial examination is expected to take place. Formfilling for the remedial exam 2023 will be soon available on dbatuerp portal.

Only approved students will appear for Remedial Examinations. Institute should not put any request for the addition of students. 
All Papers are available for all the days(The Remedial Examination is for 2nd , 4th , 6th and 8th Semester., B.Tech. No specific Time Table is required since all the papers are available for all the days. The exam will take place from (10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

DBATU Remedial Examination 2023

The candidate has the option, after the results announcement of each end-of-semester exam . Candidates can take an online MCQ test to pass the subject in which they failed the regular end-of-semester exam.

Only if the remedial exam is passed does the candidate receive the grade EE and can continue with the next semester. In order to improve the grade in the same main subject, however, there is the possibility of appearing in the supplementary examination in the “same” subject. before the regular end-of-semester exam.

  • Total MCQs : 40 (50 marks)
  • 1 marks MCQs : 30 (30 marks)
  • 2 marks MCQs : 10 (20 marks)

In case of remedial exam, grade after passing examination is EE and grade point is 5.0 for all subjects even you pass with maximum marks.In marksheet marks for the subjects passed in remedial will be added with multiplying by 2 and grade will EE for all subjects.

DBATU remedial Study Material?

You can find remedial study material on enggsolution.

DBATU remedial MCQ questions

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