DBATU exam timetable 2023 , Download 5 sem timetable

DBATU exam timetable 2023 , Download 5 sem timetable

DBATU exam timetable 2023 for winter semester exam for DBATU BTech fifth semester. winter semester exam is starting from 28 Jan . Check exam timetable here

The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (DBATU) is responsible for releasing the exam timetable for the fifth semester of various courses offered by the university. The exam timetable contains important information such as the date, time, and venue of each exam for the fifth semester.

It is important for students to check the exam timetable well in advance to plan their studies and make any necessary arrangements. The exam timetable is usually made available on the official website of the university and can also be obtained from the concerned department or college.

The exam timetable for the fifth semester usually includes the date of the first and last exam,also includes information on the duration of each exam and the timing of the exams.

It is important for students to note that the exam timetable is subject to change and students are advised to check the official website of the university or contact the university directly for the most up-to-date information.

Students are also advised to make sure they are familiar with the rules and regulations of the university regarding the exams, such as the dress code, the use of electronic devices, and the submission of assignments.

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It is also recommended that students start preparing for their exams well in advance and make use of study materials such as past papers, sample papers, and revision guides. They should also stay informed about any updates or changes in the exam timetable and make necessary adjustments to their study schedule.

DateTime  Branch Subject
                          28.01.2023                        10:00AM to 01:00PMAutomobile Engineering BTPC501 Design of Machine Elements
Biomedical Engineering BTBMC501 Medical Image Processing
Civil Engineering BTCVC 501 Design of Steel Structures
Computer Engineering / CSE BTCOC501 Database Systems
Chemical Engineering BTCHC501 Mass Transfer Operations- I
Petrochemical Engineering BTPCC501 Mass Transfer – I  
Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering BTEIC501 Electrical Machine
Instrumentation EngineeringBTINC501 Process loop Components
Electrical and Power/Electrical & Electronics Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Power   BTEEC501 Power System Analysis    
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering/Electronics &Communication Engineering   BTETC501 Electromagnetic Field Theory  
Electronics EngineeringBTEXC501 Analog Circuits
Information Technology BTITC501 Software Engineering
Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering Sandwich BTMC501 Heat Transfer
Mining Engineering BTMIC501 Surface Mining Technology
 Computer Science & Engineering (Artifical Intelligence & Data Science & Machine Learning)BTAIC501 Computer Network and Cloud Computing
Food Engineering and TechnologyBTFT501 Beverage Technology
                    31.01.2023                  10:00AM to 01:00PMAutomobile Engineering BTAC502 Automotive Chassis, Suspension & Transmission Systems
Biomedical Engineering BTBMC502 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Based Biomedical Instrumentation
Civil Engineering BTCVC 502 Geotechnical Engineering
Computer Engineering / CSE BTCOC502 Theory of Computation  
Chemical Engineering BTCHC502 Chemical Reaction Engineering – I
Petrochemical Engineering BTPCC502 Reaction Engineering – I
Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering BTEIC502 Process Control
Instrumentation EngineeringBTINC502 Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Electrical and Power/Electrical & Electronics 
  Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Power BTEEC502 Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Electronics & Telecommunication 
  Engineering/Electronics &Communication EngineeringBTETC502 Digital Signal Processing
Electronics EngineeringBTEXC502 Digital Signal Processing
Information TechnologyBTITC502 Computer Networks and

Internetworking Protocols Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical  BTMC502 Machine Design – I Engineering Sandwich

                                                Mining Engineering     BTMIC502 Mine Environment & Ventilation

Engineering 31.01.2023                                             10:00AM            Computer Science & Engineering (Artifical      to          Intelligence & Data Science & Machine         BTAIC502 Machine Learning 01:00PM                                                                         Learning)

                                               Food Engineering and Technology       BTFT502 Mass Transfer-I

                      Automobile Engineering               BTAC503 Manufacturing Processes                   Biomedical Engineering                BTBMPE503A Artificial Intelligence &

                                                                                             Neural Networks

                                                          BTBMPE503B Rehabilitation Engineering

                                                              BTBMPE503C Embedded & Real Time


                                          Civil Engineering  BTCVC 503 Structural Mechanics –II

                                          Computer Engineering / CSE                                          BTCOC503 Software Engineering

                                          Chemical Engineering                BTCHC503 Chemical Technology

                                          Petrochemical Engineering                         BTPCC503 Petrochemical Technology

                                       Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering               BTEIC503 Advanced Power Electronics and

                       10:00A                                                                                   Devices

02.02.2023       M       Instrumentation Engineering     BTINC503 Digital Signal Processing  to     Electrical and Power/Electrical & Electronics               BTEEC503 Power Electronics 01:00P         Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics

                                     M          and Power

                                                  Electronics & Telecommunication             BTETC503 Analog Communication

Engineering/Electronics &Communication


                                                  Electronics Engineering                               BTEXC503 Microelectronics

                                                                                    BTITPE503A Embedded Systems

                                                                             BTITPE503B IT Service Management

                                                                                   BTITPE503C Information Storage

                                                  Information Technology                       Management

 BTITPE503D Network Management

 BTITPE503E Data Visualization

 BTITPE503F Virtual Reality

Mechanical Engineering/ Mechanical  BTMC503 Theory of Machines- II Engineering Sandwich

                                                  Mining Engineering  BTMIC503 Underground Coal Mining


                                                  Computer Science & Engineering (Artifical                                                     BTAIHM503A Economics and Management

                                                  Intelligence & Data Science & Machine                                                      BTAIHM503B Business Communication

                                                   Learning)   BTAIHM503C Knowledge Reasoning and AI


                                                  Food Engineering and Technology   BTFT503 Heart Transfer 

                                                            BTAPE504A Fundamental of Automobile

                          10:00am                                                                                  Design

08.02.2023         to               Automobile Engineering      BTAPE504B Automobile Tribology

                         01:00pm                         BTAPE504C Engines Special Purpose


                                                               BTAPE504D Automobile Engineering

      08.02.2023                                                                              10:00am to 01:00 PM  
Biomedical EngineeringBTBMOE504A Applied Optoelectronics in Medicine BTBMOE504B Biomedical MEMS
Civil EngineeringBTCVC 504 Concrete Technology
Computer Engineering / CSE BTCOE504A Human Computer Interaction  BTCOE504B Numerical Methods
Chemical Engineering BTCHO504A NSS II  BTCHO504B Pollution Control in Proces Industies
 Petrochemical EngineeringBTPCOE504A NSS I BTPCOE504B Product Design Engineering  BTPCOE504C Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals
Electrical and Instrumentation EngineeringBTEIPE504A Industrial Automation BTEIPE504B Power System Transmission and Distribution BTEIPE504C Control System Engineering
 Instrumentation EngineeringBTINE504A  Multisensor and Data Fusion BTINE504B Engineering Instrumentations 
Electrical and Power/Electrical & Electronics Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Power BTEEPLE504A HVDC  BTEEPLE504B Power Quality Issues  BTEEPLE504C Industrial Automation
 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering/Electronics &Communication Engineering BTETPE504A Analog Circuits BTETPE504B Embedded System Design BTETPE504C Digital System Design BTETPE504D Automotive Electronics BTETPE504E Mixed Signal Design BTETPE504F Power Electronics
 Electronics Engineering BTEXPE504A Electromagnetic Field Theory  BTEXPE504B VLSI Design & Technology  BTEXPE504C Electronics in Smart City  BTEXPE504D Electronics Measurements and Instruments  BTEXPE504E Mixed Signal Design  BTEXPE504F Automotive Electronics
        Information Technology BTITOE504A Theory of Computation  BTITOE504B Graph Theory  BTITOE504C Programming in Java  BTITOE504D Human Computer Interaction  BTITOE504E Game Theory  BTITOE504F 3D Printing and Design
    Mechanical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering SandwichBTMPE504A Refrigeration and Air conditioning BTMPE504B Steam and Gas Turbines BTMPE504C Engineering Tribology  BTAPE504A Fundamentals of Automobile Design      BTAPE504D Automobile Engineering
 Mining Engineering BTMIPE504A Sea-bed Mining  BTMIPE504B Advanced Mine Machinery  BTMIPE504C Mine Electrical Engineering  BTMIPE504D Advanced Geology
Computer Science & Engineering (Artifical Intelligence & Data Science & Machine Learning)BTAIPE504A Advanced Database System BTAIPE504B Soft Computing BTAIPE504C Sensors & Robotics Technology BTAIPE504D Advanced Java
Food Engineering and TechnologyBTFT504A  Food Extrusion Technology BTFT504B   Plant Maintenance, Safety & Hygiene BTFT504C   Spices & Flavor Technology BTFT504D   New Product Development
                            14.02.2023                          10:00AM to 01:00PMAutomobile EngineeringBTMOE505A Solar Energy BTMOE505B Renewable Energy Sources BTMOE505C Human Resource Management BTMOE505D Product Design Engineering
Civil EngineeringBTHM505 Project Management
Computer Engineering / CSE BTHM505A Economics and Management  BTHM505B Business Communication  
       Chemical EngineeringBTCHE505A Industrial Safety and Hazard Mitigation BTCHE505B Optimization Techniques               BTCHE505C Petroleum refining and Petrochemicals BTCHE505D Food Technology                             BTCHE505E Disaster Management in Chemical Industry
 Petrochemical Engineering BTPCPE505A Natural Gas Technology  BTPCPE505B Membrane Technology   BTPCPE505C Design of Heat exchangers  BTPCPE505D Process Plant Utilities and Safety
 Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering BTEIOE505A Signals and System  BTEIOE505B Microprocessor and Microcontroller  BTEIOE505C Embedded System
Instrumentation EngineeringBTINE 505A Control System BTINE505B Artificial Neural Network 
Electrical and Power/Electrical & Electronics Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Power BTEEOE505A Embedded System  BTEEOE505B Electrical Safety  BTEEOE505C Condition Monitoring of Electric Apparatus

In conclusion, the exam timetable for the fifth semester of DBATU is a crucial document for students as it contains important information about the date, time, and venue of each exam. Students are advised to check the official website of the university or contact the university directly for the most up-to-date information and to start preparing for the exams well in advance.

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