DBATU Engineering Supplementary Time Table of Sem I, III, V

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Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University DBATU Engineering Supplementary Time Table released for Sem I, III, V , download now

DBATU (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University) has recently released the supplementary time table for the engineering students of Semesters I, III, and V. The supplementary exams provide a second chance to students who couldn’t clear certain subjects during the regular examination.

The time table has been meticulously designed to accommodate the needs of students and ensure a smooth examination process. It includes a well-structured schedule that allows students to focus on their weaker subjects while also giving them enough time for preparation. With this supplementary time table, DBATU aims to encourage and support students in their academic journey, enabling them to grasp their subjects thoroughly and progress in their engineering studies without any hindrance.

The Sem I, III, and V supplementary time table at DBATU reflects the university’s commitment to academic excellence and student welfare. The university administration understands that students may face challenges during their studies, and these supplementary exams offer a valuable opportunity for academic growth.

The time table has been made available online to ensure easy access for all students, along with relevant instructions and guidelines for the examination.

DBATU’s dedication to providing a conducive learning environment and fostering student success is evident through the well-organized and thoughtful design of the supplementary time table. By offering this chance to improve their grades, DBATU strives to motivate and empower its engineering students to become competent professionals in their chosen fields.

Sem I

  1. All Branches(First Sem)


  1. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Engineering and Allied Branches(11995/11263/11925)
  2. Automation and Robotics Engineering (11916)
  3. Automobile Engineering (11602)
  4. Biomedical Engineering (11461)
  5. Chemical Engineering (11507)
  6. Civil and Environmental Engineering (11922)
  7. Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (11918)
  8. Civil Engineering (11191)
  9. Computer Engineering and Allied Branches(11245/11242/11913/11257/11911)
  10. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering / Electronics and Communication Engineering (11372 / 11370)
  11. Electrical And Instrumentation Engineering (11575)
  12. Electrical Engineering and Allied Branches (11293/11297/11356/11298)
  13. Electronics and Communication Engineering (Sandwich) (11576)
  14. Electronics and Computer Engineering / Electronics and Computer Science Engineering (11844 /11900)
  15. Electronics Engineering (11376)
  16. Food Engineering and Technology/ Food Technology And Management (11534/11504)
  17. Food Technology (11503)
  18. Information Technology (11246)
  19. Instrumentation Engineering / Instrumentation and Control Engineering (11466 / 11464)
  20. Mechanical Engineering (11612)
  21. Mechatronics Engineering (11624)
  22. Mining Engineering (11701)
  23. Petrochemical Engineering (11527)
  24. Robotics (11994)
  25. Safety and Fire Engineering (11914)

Sem V

  1. Biomedical Engineering (11461)
  2. Chemical Engineering(11507)
  3. Civil Engineering(11191)
  4. Computer Engineering and Allied (11245/11242 / )
  5. Computer Science & Engineering & Allied Branches (11995/11925/11911/11913)
  6. Electrical and Allied Branches(11298/11297/11293)
  7. Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering (11575)
  8. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering/Electronics &Communication Engineering/Electronics Engineering
  9. Food Engineering and Technology (11534)
  10. Food Technology (11503)
  11. Information Technology (11246)
  12. Instrumentation Engineering (11466)
  13. Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering Sandwich (11625/11612)
  14. Mining Engineering (11701)
  15. Petrochemical Engineering (11527)
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