2023 Jobs : hiring down by 6 % in Oct

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2023 jobs: 2023 batch students looking for off campus jobs but according to survey hiring slows down 6%

Hiring activity fell 6%  in October 2022  compared to October 2021, a Monster study showed. It also showed a 5% decrease in M-o-M job postings. Jobs in automation showed a remarkable increase (+34%).

in hiring firms that maximize efficiency and productivity through technology, the results also suggested this. Sectors such as banking and finance and telecoms also performed well, with technology driving innovation and growth in both sectors. Artificial intelligence and  blockchain are transforming the BFSI sector, as is the arrival of 5G  transforming telecom growth.

New hires in the BFSI sector are up 12%, driven by a range of factors ranging from access to technology to an increase in investor capital. according to the study also in the telecommunications sector.

This demand is primarily driven by capabilities such as DevOps, Full Stack, React Native, Cloud, Open Stack, Edge Computing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Juniper, Big Data and Python. 72% of all jobs in the industry.

Sekhar Garisa,  CEO of Monster.com said, “Technology is no longer a differentiator in organizations.It is now imperative that all industries quickly digitize and move forward. Sectors like BFSI and Telecom that have embraced new age technology are now reaping the rewards with increased investment and job creation.

on an individual and organizational level. Tier 2 cities have reported positive growth annually. Coimbatore and Ahmedabad reported a modest increase in new hires of 1% per year.

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