The Story behind the life of a Girl.

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life of a girl
A lady with dreams in her eyes

Let’s start exploring the story behind the life of a Girl and this judgmental society.

The Secured Zone

Life was so beautiful back in the childhood. Every seconds of past counts for memories. Aah! The name itself sounds so fresh as if it was yesterday. We don’t realise when we grew up. Perhaps we were so busy being Daddy’s girl and Mumma’s responsible child. One day a asteroid named ‘Puberty’ hit us. The pearl is now out of the protective shell ‘Adolescene’. Menarche- a major milestone in life of a Girl, then pops up after Adolescence.

The Search for Identity

We wander around in the search of identity. Men say they love Independence in a woman, but they don’t waste a second demolishing it brick by brick. Our beloved Society watches and judges life of a girl, the way she dresses,the way she talks, the way she behaves, the way she addresses people, the way she does everything. People judge us if the standard of behaviour that are generally agreed on within a culture to be right or proper does not match to ours.  Males are normally dominant and manipulative, whereas women tend to focus more on issues of caring, helping and connecting with others. If you don’t believe this, ask yourself when you last got a thank you note from a man.

Reality Check

What do we include in principles of rights and justice when we talk about them?” Because from the society where I belong, whatsover I do entertains you or annoies you based on your own judging system.As our judgmental society never fails to question us. I don’t understand why do we continually keep linking a woman’s character to her body and what SHE decides to do with it? And why don’t we see our men through that same lens of Skewed rationality? Why have we placed a woman’s ‘izzat’ in her vagina but no such yardstick for her male counterparts exists?! 

A man with 8 girls beside him is Stud. And if the same girl has 8 male friends, society judges her as a whore even though they are just good friends. We come across the narrow minded thoughts of our society every now and then. It is okay for a man to have a no of ex-relationships besides on top of that HE is now considered a MACHO MAN. And the same society filled with a no of Macho Man never fails to call a woman ‘SLUT’ for doing the same shit. And this is simply preposterous.

But it is wrong to assume that th practices solely created and carried forward by men only. It is done by a majority in the society including woman . There are women who resort to moral policing, become enablers protecting rapist and abusers and defending their actions.

Judgmental Society

Not so easy

 The saying “Boys will be boys” is not gonna cut it anymore. My dear SOCIETY ,you took birth from a women’s womb. Here after before you judge and slut-shame anyone, look at your own sins first. A girl plays a number of role in your life being a sister, friend, lover, wife, mother, etc. And handling with this stuff is NOT SO EASY.

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15 thoughts on “The Story behind the life of a Girl.

  1. This is so so deep and courageous of you to talk about!! It’s gonna make you this more beautifully strong lady than you already are… perfectly explained all those thoughts πŸ₯ΊπŸŒΊβœ¨

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